Welcome! If you're reading this, you're most likely here from Nookazon. This is my general information page, since Nookazon's description is too short.

General Information

  • While I mostly do listings if I want to sell a specific item, I will also accept messages about things in my catalogue. My most up-to-date catalogue is on VillagerDB, rather than Nookazon, and is organized by category.
  • I only price furniture based on in-game value, unless I am specifically asking for another item in exchange. Spare DIY recipes will be the in-game cost of an item.
  • When it comes to furniture in a specific colour, I will offer the same piece of furniture in a colour I have in my catalogue.
  • You can offer anything for villagers that are up for sale. I do not put specific prices on them, but will take Bells, Nook Mile Tickers, wishlist items, or DIY recipes.
  • I am looking only for what I ask for when it comes to offers. Please do not try to offer anything else.
  • During in-game transactions, you will be walled off from the rest of the town and kept confined to a specific area. The only exception is if you are picking up a villager. Please ask if you want to visit my stores and explore the island - this will not cost you any extra Bells. Just please respect my wishes: do not dig up any flowers, do not give out the Dodo Code to others and ask if you want fruit.
  • The flowers in Nook's Cranny are lilies and tulips. My island's main fruit is oranges, but also has apples, cherries, coconuts, peaches, and pears.
  • If you don't want to explore but want some fruit or flowers, just tell me and I'll bring them to you. This does not cost any extra Bells, just bring it up before you visit if you want anything.
  • Other Things To Note

  • I do not like accepting Discord friend requests, and I would prefer if you messaged me instead of asking for a friend request if you have an offer. You can also message me on Twitter, @cutiehappiness or on Tumblr, @linoone.
  • My timezone is Eastern Standard Time (EST). If this confuses you, Google "[YOUR TIMEZONE HERE] to Eastern Standard Time" - your search engine will show you the time differences.
  • My Online status on Nookazon does not always equal whether or not I'm actually online. If you're confused as to whether or not I'm actually online, check my Discord profile.
  • I don't focus much on reviews, since Animal Crossing is a hobby for me, so I will not request one after our transaction. It's your choice whether or not to leave one based on your experience with me.
  • Please do not ask me if my villagers are up for sale or trade unless there is a listing for them on Nookazon.

    This page is still a work in progress, so if you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message on any of the listed social media! I promise I don't bite.