At the moment, commission examples are down as things are being reorganized! Please go to my portfolio for art examples, and to my themes page for HTML examples. All prices remain the same.
5 dollars / 500 points
10 dollars / 1000 points
20 dollars / 2000 points
30 dollars / 3000 points

15 dollars / 1500 points
25 dollars / 2500 points
20 dollars / 2000 points
15 dollars / 1500 points

25-50 dollars / 2500-5000 points
10-20 dollars / 1000-2000 points
10-20 dollars / 1000-2000 points
REGARDING PAYMENT : If you are sending payment via PayPal, do not send it as a gift! This is against PayPal's terms of service and I don't want anybody getting in trouble over it. No shipping is required, so no need to fill out anything with addresses. All payments are based in USA dollars and DeviantART points.

  • I can decline or cancel your commission at any time if it is not something I feel as though I can provide or goes against the terms of service.
  • Do not edit my artwork unless you have my permission to do so. You can edit my codes as long as you keep the credits, but not to the point of it being unrecognizable.
  • Be specific with what you are requesting. Anything extra you can provide such as pose ideas are very much appreciated but not required!
  • While I do not work well with deadlines, they can be provided if necessary.
  • I will only take three commissions per person, but please be aware that I am human and it will take time to get each one out.
  • If you want progress images, I can provide you my Discord so we can keep in touch as the commission comes along.
  • For art, please provide a visual reference of the character(s) you want me to draw. I will not work without this.
  • Please tell me if you want your commissions uploaded to other websites. If you do not specify this, I will upload them.
  • Regarding anything extra in your drawing, such as additional characters or backgrounds, please ask me and we can discuss an increased price.
  • * = includes redesigns of pre-existing characters

    I DO :
  • Humans/humanoids
  • Animals
  • Aliens
  • Light body horror
  • I WON'T DO :
  • NSFW, nudity, or any kind of fetishes
  • Complex machinery
  • Extreme gore (mild is fine)
  • Hate speech of any kind
  • please ask me if you want to know anything specific! nothing is off limits regarding html save for hate speech