Layout Info

this is the preview of kittystuff's first free to use neocities layout, "baby mode". it was made using image assets from (note: to navigate this website, you must know basic japanese). sort of like last time, it is not made to be super customizeable unless you have a good grasp on html. i would recommend keeping the colours the same with most things; things such as the fonts can be changed, but i would not recommend changing the font for the menu unless you plan on changing the entire menu layout. this is for the sake of unity.

features :

  • favicon
  • container layout; changes based on your computer screens resolution
  • all in one layout
  • custom list images & cursor image
  • customizeable fonts
  • custom tooltips, custom scrollbar & custom highlight colours
  • things such as cursors, extra images, new fonts and the like can be added in with extra html editing. same with new and additional tabs, or content tab removal if necessary. please keep all credits attached, and please do not use as a base code; the rules for my html can be found on my theme blog.

    if you have any questions, i am avaliable on twitter and tumblr for any questions

    sample fonts are clothespin and shortstack. menu font is sp abit 04.