• Plant display-inspired F2U NeoCities layout
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  • F2U layout akin to my sales page
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  • MAYBE : basic HTML help page
  • MAYBE : F2U Love Live-inspired NeoCities layouts
  • 5/September/2021
  • 2/September/2021
  • Dear DIARY... .

    1/October/2021 : added recommended picrew page
    7/September/2021 : portfolio landing page added, art portfolio page updated, credits page modified
    5/September/2021 : pixel doll page added, credits page updated & modified, diary page modified
    1/September/2021 : character resources page updated, credits page updated
    31/August/2021 : redesigned about page, credits page updated
    29/August/2021 : fixed error with fonts page
    28/August/2021 : fonts page added, credits page updated


    damn the fact i never properly archived or backed up my old art. anything before... mid 2011, id say, is lost to time forever unless i can find remnants of it. i am considering making a folder somewhere, maybe in google drive or something, or a separate tumblr blog to archive my old art so i can have it on hand. also damn the fact i never saved art that was made for me unless i really liked it... which is kind of an asshole move, but i was an asshole kid. what can you do. i want to kick younger mes ass though for the wasted time this has caused

    anyways, i am currently working on my coding portfolio page. itll only have certain examples of my codes up, because i consider most of my themes outdated. all old codes will be avaliable on my theme blog, which will be linked on the page. itll also have my first professional website on it! very exciting things and all that

    Next Hiatus : October 15th to October 17th/October 18th