About Me

  • arieon "ari" anomaly / genesis / xol / whatever else you want to call me
  • white bisexual transgender man
  • 21 years old (15 july)
  • in a relationship with AdeleineVee
  • professionally stupid
  • english/polski OK!

  • im genesis (i have many, many other names but anomaly or ari are the most common. if you know my deadname (what is this?), please dont call me by it online) and im boo boo the fool and a rat bastard. im not very friendly & have trouble interacting with others but you can try talking to me if you want. im ugly but in a cute way. i have a cat and hes the light of my life

    not neurotypical, but i try not to let my mental illnesses or learning disabilities define me as a person. dm me about this if you want to know more; ill talk about it on occasion but im not exactly fond of sharing my mental illnesses with complete strangers anymore

    i draw and code (web design only) in my spare time with a bit of writing on occasion. i use clip studio paint and a wacom intuos pro thats been beaten to hell and back for most of my drawings, but i occasionally also use an ipad for some. i utilize css & javascript for coding. if you ever advice, tutorials, specific brushes i use, or have any questions about my work feel free to dm me! i may not be super friendly but i promise i dont bite

    also if you draw my ocs ill probably love you forever. i dont like talking about them for personal reasons and usually keep it specifically to toyhou.se but youre more than welcome to ask me about specific characters, world lore, and other things like that. i love oc/canon so expect a lot of that when it comes to fandom work

    characters for sale


  • Anime : Aikatsu!, Kemono Friends, PriPara/PriChan
  • Artists : Al Hirschfeld, Jan Svankmajer, Jiri Trnka, Junko Mizuno, Yoko Honda, Yoshitaka Amano
  • Comics & Manga : Batman, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Pure Trance
  • Bands & Musical Artists : Circus Contraption, Marina & The Diamonds, Queens of the Stone Age, Rush, The Residents, Studio Killers, Susumu Hirasawa, This Way to the Egress, Within Temptation
  • Games : Animal Crossing, Bang Dream! Girls Band Party, Fire Emblem, Idolmaster, The King of Fighters, Love Live, Pokemon, Street Fighter, Tekken, Youkai Watch
  • Television Shows : Cutthroat Kitchen, Worst Cooks in America
  • Other : Animals, art, character design, clowns, fashion, pixel art, plush toys, stationery, true crime, web design, worldbuilding, visual effects
  • Blacklist

  • alcohol
  • animal abuse/crush fetish
  • detroit: become human (ESPECIALLY the character connor)
  • eurovision
  • elliot rodger
  • homestuck/hiveswap friendsim
  • "happy together"
  • saliva/closeups of mouths
  • undertale/deltarune
  • nygmobblepot / riddlebird / whatever you kids call it nowadays (edward nygma/oswald cobblepot)
  • donkey kong (ESPECIALLY the character king k. rool)

  • also please do not call me a furry or weeb/otaku/things like that, its a deeply personal decision despite the fact im technically both of those things

    please ask me for my discord and switch codes - i dont accept friend requests from people unless i know you from beforehand, or you say who you are

    mobile games i play : bang dream! girls band party, love live! all stars, love live! school idol festival, love nikki (not connected to facebook), pokemon masters

    deviantart mastodon pastebin pinterest sukutomo toyhou.se tumblr twitter villagerdb youtube

    post limit blog resources my themes my art uploads inspiration shopping animals x

    pripara coords extremely cursed images