don't follow me if :

- you associate with users dragondicks/kawaiiberpunk/cuteosphere, dippermageddon or cometmedal/allthefixins/starshipmario
- if you are a fan of benjanun sriduangkaew's work, or follow her on the web (why is that?)
- if you are a fan of contrapoints/natalie wynn, or follow her on the web UNLESS you are critical of her content (why is that?)
- you roleplay as any real life person, even if its some au bullshit
- you have a crush fetish (what is this?)
- youre a nazi or alt-right or anything like that
- if youre homophobic, transphobic, etc (that includes you, terfs/twerfs)
- if youre a “map” or have any sort of pedophiliac tendencies (including sexual thoughts towards underaged fictional characters)
- if youre a cis man with a period fetish

you probably shouldnt follow me if youre anti-sjw id just make you mad but hey its your call

other stuff to note :

- i use slurs i reclaim quite frequently; the one i stay away from, though, is queer. please do not call me queer under any circumstances
- i retweet lot of nsfw text but try not to post any myself. minors are okay to follow but understand that i will NOT interact with them if a post is implied to be sexual in any way
- i cant use neopronouns, and in general mix them up pretty easily unless were close friends or mutuals, so please dont get mad at me if i refer to you as just "they"
- i usually cannot adhere to peoples kin/id double rules, as i dont keep track of who my mutuals id as (its way too much for my small brain) - however, if you need to softblock me because i follow a double, please do so
- dm me about my opinions regarding things. i dont make them public for personal reasons
- as long as you respect me, i respect you
- do not ask me if any of my characters are for sale/for trade