don't follow me if :

  • you associate with the following users :
      catboythorfinn / puddiiprince / corrin_emblem
      cometmedal / hevsuited / cometobservator / allthefixins / starshipmario
      corpsesyndrome / mariosfriend-9
      dragondicks / kawaiiberpunk / cuteosphere
      omocat (this includes if you played or pledged to omori even if you did not buy the finished product)
  • you roleplay as any real life person, even if its some au bullshit

  • you have a crush fetish (what is this?)

  • youre a nazi or alt-right or anything like that

  • if youre homophobic, transphobic, etc (that includes you, terfs/twerfs)

  • if youre a “map” or have any sort of pedophiliac tendencies (including sexual thoughts towards underaged fictional characters)

  • if you dont support addicts, or make jokes at their expense (yes this includes gacha addicts, gacha = gambling)

  • if your idea of being "anti-proana" means bashing anyone and everyone with eating disorders/people who are recovering from their eds

  • if youre a cis man with a period fetish
  • you probably shouldnt follow me if youre anti-"sjw" or not a leftist in general, id just make you mad. but hey. its your call

    political viewpoints :

  • black lives matter, stop asian hate, free palestine. human rights for all

  • anti-pedophilia

  • anti-cgl/ddlg/anything similar. anti-basically any kink that romanticizes or fetishizes abuse

  • anti-displaying your kinks in public to nonconsenting parties (including minors)

  • anti-truscum/transmed

  • anti-proana/anachan/anything promoting eating disorders/disordered eating
      this does not mean i am against people who have eds. it means i am against trying to get others to have the same mindset regarding their ed and the idea of exchanging "tips" that contribute towards disordered eating and eds

  • anti-nfts

  • pro-choice

  • acab

  • pro-euthanasia

  • pro-sex work

  • adopt, dont shop

  • free healthcare and education

  • leftist, but critical of the left

  • i firmly believe fiction = reality based on personal experiences, and not just with things that are inherently "problematic"

  • anti-shipping or whatever people use nowadays to refer to people who dont like fetishization of kink in fiction

  • other stuff to note :

  • i use slurs i reclaim on occasion; the one i stay away from, though, is queer. please do not call me queer under any circumstances

  • due to my autism/general neurodivergency, i speak/type in an odd manner and usually sound weird communicating to people when im comfortable with them, please tell me if this makes you uncomfortable because im not good at reading social cues either online or offline!
      i use tone indicators depending on the person and statement. i am fine with them being used towards me

  • i dont post face pictures 99.9% of the time due to both dysphoria and not liking when people look at me. do not ask for pictures of me

  • i retweet some nsfw text but try not to post any myself. minors are okay to follow but understand that i will NOT interact with them if a post is implied to be sexual in any way

  • i am very uncomfortable with the concept of calling possibly closeted trans people "eggs" (what is this?) and the idea of "hatching" or "cracking" them, and would prefer if it were not mentioned around me in general
      if you use the term to refer to yourself, more power to you! it is just not something i would call myself or other people, so please do not call pre-transition me an "egg" or refer to people as "eggs" around me unless they have stated they are okay with it
  • i cant use neopronouns, and in general mix them up pretty easily unless were close friends or mutuals, so please dont get mad at me if i refer to you as just "they"

  • i am easily weirded out by fandoms around celebrities and people making layouts/edits/etc of them in the real world and people who make fanfiction about them. if your layout is based on a celebrity (as a person, not in a specific acting role) i might not follow back

  • i make a lot of jokes about divorce, if that makes you uncomfortable please tell me!

  • i usually cannot adhere to peoples kin/id double rules, as i dont keep track of who my mutuals id as (its way too much for my small brain) - however, if you need to softblock me because i follow a double, please do so. on that note, i do not care about doubles so no need to ask for a kin list or anything like that

  • if im following someone unsavoury, or rt something unsavoury, please dm me about it!

  • if we are mutuals and you are over the age of 18 (and okay with seeing nsfw), you can ask for my private account!

  • i am wary of fans of the following media, it is nothing personal, i promise! but if you are a fan of those things and post about them frequently i might not interact with you (anything with an asterisk i have blacklisted)
      assassin's creed
      detroit:become human*
      dream smp / minecraft youtubers as a whole
      donkey kong*
      homestuck / hiveswap friendship* / anything made by those people
      gravity falls
      gotham (if youre a nygmobblepot shipper)
      infinity train*
      markiplier / unus annus
      super mario
      the owl house*

  • my full blacklist & other things are over on my about

  • regarding my ocs :

  • any characters on my main toyhouse are not for sale. please do not ask if they are

  • i tend to flip-flop on whether or not i let people copy them. if you ask me when im in a good mood, ill be fine with it. but if not, or i say no for whatever reason, please do not ask again

  • i dont do ping lists or anything like that ... its a bit too much effort for someone who rarely sells his ocs