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About Me

arieon "ari" anomaly / genesis / victor / sommie / whatever else you want to call me
white bisexual transgender man (he/him, no they/them)
24 years old (15th july)
neurodivergent, mentally ill, able bodied
english / polski OK! (mon français est rouillé...)

im genesis (i have many, many other names but ari is the most common. if you know my deadname (what is this?), please dont call me by it online) and im gods least favourite silly soldier. im ugly but in a cute way. i am a genuinely uninteresting person so... idk what to say really.

i talk in a strange way (and also a tad too much), if you ever have any issues figuring out what im saying please ask for clarification. i use tone indicators but not too too much, and i need to be told if someone needs them. i come across as friendly, but wouldnt really describe myself as such... i have issues with talking to people for a variety of reasons.

i draw and code (web design only) in my spare time with a bit of writing on occasion. i can also play the drums and enjoy cooking. i hope to go to vet school to become a vet tech, but if that doesnt work out i might try pet grooming. that really depends. i am a certified vet assistant & i am currently in my first year of college!
when it comes to art and digital media, i use clip studio paint and an ipad as a tablet my drawings. i use adobe dreamweaver and utilize css & javascript for coding. if you ever need advice, tutorials, specific brushes i use, or have any questions about my work feel free to dm me! i may not be super friendly but i promise i dont bite some resources can be found on my links page that i use in my art. i also make a variety of materials for clip studio paint which can be found here!

i mostly work on original projects, you can find all of my ocs on if you draw one of them, ill probably love you forever. i dont like talking about them for personal reasons and usually keep it specifically to but youre more than welcome to ask me about specific characters, world lore, and other things like that. i love oc/canon so expect a lot of that when it comes to fandom work

thank you for taking the time to read this! if you have any more questions, you can try messaging me.